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New Farm Park

Since Australia is famous for its outdoor lifestyle, it comes as no surprise that Brisbane boasts some of the best parks in the world. Brisbane Australia proudly promotes the unique New Farm Park as an active and healthy park.

New Farm Park features an amazing jungle gym, hanging from giant fig trees, offering the perfect hide-and-seek adventure. Add to that a fun playground to amuse the little ones and large open spaces for the more boisterous athlete and New Farm Park Brisbane becomes an instant favourite with kids and parents alike.

Take a fun ride on the popular CityCat down the Brisbane River to make the most of your weekend at New Farm Park, because there is plenty to see and do. First up is a lazy breakfast at the trendy New Farm café society, or enjoy some fine wine at the Brisbane Powerhouse complex, the venue for the ultimate experience in live performing and visual arts.

With boardwalks and walking paths right along the edge of Brisbane's River, everyone can view Brisbane at its very best.

Another firm favourite over the weekend is the open-air New Farm markets. Whatever your fancy, you can choose from fresh organic produce and home-baked specialties. If you're looking for more serious shopping, the nearby Merthyr Village situated on Brunswick Street is another shopping delight. For further variety, both the Valley and Brisbane city are close by.

For additional information about New Farm Park facilities or New Farm Park activities, contact the Visitor Information Centre or visit our website.

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